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Personal Collections and Bangers

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Hello! I'm new to the group! I'm also new to the Website. I'm trying to get my voice heard out there in the Big Bad Worldwide Webb!

My Space is called Tuesday's Trinkets Jewelry & More! Join and get your member badge today. I promise you will not regret being a part of my circle!

I am a writer. I write Books and Movie Scripts!

I make hand-crafted jewelry and other crafts connected with what suites the current theme. Most of the time it's A HORROR JUNKIE ADDICTION, and yes I'm a Pusher! Get addicted to my places. I am, also, Tuesday Addams on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, (X) Twitter, Threads, TikTok, and WordPress!

I have a family that I provide contact with through Friday Feature Film Family movie night every Friday at 8pm on Facebook.

Please, come tonight to join our Family Night of Fright, but tonight, I'm specifically speaking to my son, about his situation and circumstances. His dad kidnapped him and I can't contact him. They are setting him up to get murdered and robbed. He won't listen to me. He doesn't get it. He stands to inherit his dad's millions, and his friends and girlfriend are not real. It's a set up.

So, anyway....

Come join us!


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