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Personal Collections and Bangers

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đŸ’„Competition AlertđŸ’„ Would you like to win free money? $50 Blogs Box Break Coupon will be awarded to the member in this group who receives the most "like"👍 reactions to a post featuring their favorite card in their collection!


  • Picture must include hand-written note with name and date (coined) to be a valid submission

  • You may vote on your own post, and as many other photos as you'd like. However, 1 "like" aka thumbs up = 1 vote (you can't vote more than once)

  • Creating multiple accounts for multiple likes will be automatic disqualification. However, family and friend accounts are welcome and valid votes!

  • The goal of this is to see your favorite cards in your PC, however it can be any sports card to enter (even base cards) but those probably won't get a lot of likes

  • Voting ends 4/30/2022 @ 9PM CST

  • Multiple entries are not allowed.

  • Official entry must be a unique post with 1 photo. Post must be in this group.

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