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2022 Leaf Vivid Soccer Hobby 2-Box Break #4049 - Random Hits

Blogs Box Breaks - 2022 Soccer Box Break - Random Hits Format

Breaks at 9PM CST when full


Box Break Contents

2BX-2022 Leaf Vivid Soccer Hobby Box (4 Autos Numbered 10 or less)

Break Rules:

  • Random Hits Break
    All 4 names will be randomized and given the number of the spot they land in. 
    1. Each spot will recieve 1 hit from the break.
    2. Randomization will be done live at End of break via
    3. After boxes have been opened. Randomization of cards will happen on and each hit will align with its assigned number spot each person is given.

Where to watch:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group Page
  • YouTube Page
  • Twitch
  • Periscope

2022 Leaf Vivid Soccer Hobby 2-Box Break #4049 - Random Hits

  • Facebook Supporters have access to an exclusive free shipping code that can be entered on any box break order and recieve FREE UPS Shipping on all orders! In addition, Facebook Supporters also receive a $20 off box break coupon EVERY MONTH! In addition, be entered to win giveaways and prizes! 

    UPS Standard Shipping vs. USPS Standard Shipping:

    Orders purchased selecting UPS Standard Shipping are gaurenteed delivery. Packages lost or damaged via UPS will be refunded in full in-case of any shipping errors.

    Orders purchased with USPS Standard Shipping will not be refunded or reimbursed in the event of lost or damaged packages.

    Shipping Standards:

    All orders from box break cards are shipped very securly to prevent any damage in transit! Cards are placed in sealed team bags. Team bags are wrapped in cardboard. Your secured cards are then shipped in a bubble mailer. All 3 layers prevent damage while cards are in transit. 

  • Unlock free shipping when your order value is $50 or greater! Discount is applied automatically!

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